A Great Way To Donate Towards The Education Of Our Children…

Each spring for the past few years, I have been teaching my class about the life cycle of a chicken.  We have hatched live chicks in our classroom and conducted many exciting science experiments to go along with this unit of study!

    When our incubator broke, I decided to try Donors Choose, since many of our teachers  at PS255 had success in posting items for their classrooms and having them funded.  I gave it a try – it is really a simple process – and my project was funded in SIX WEEKS!!!  Now, our students can study the Life Cycle of a Chicken with a brand new incubator and watch the process unfold right before their eyes!  Three of our classes will be hatching chickens this spring – Ms. Tricia, Ms. Megan, and Ms. Cecelia’s classes.

    Donors Choose is a wonderful site in which families and friends can contribute any amount of money towards the education of their loved ones!  Simply go to donorschoose.org and search “PS255” to see which of our teachers have items that they need funded.  All donations made on Donors Choose are tax-deductible, and the best part is that you are supporting our classes and enriching the education of our students!!

     I would like to extend a special thank you to the families of Naquan Alston and Christos Bountouvas for their generous donations to Donors Choose for our classroom incubator!!

    We have begun our unit lesson and our chicks will be hatching by the end of May!  Stop by and visit…..experience the wonders of the Life Cycle of a Chicken!!!

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We have exciting news….. three of our chicks hatched on May 23, 2013!!!   The students saw one of the chicks pecking its way out of the egg!!!  The other two baby chicks hatched in the early morning before school started.  The chicks that hatched were from two white eggs, and one was from a brown egg.  The chickens that hatched from the white eggs have yellow fur and are Leghorn Chickens.  The chicken from the brown egg, has brown fur, and it is a Rhode Island Chicken!  We are all very happy!! We have two more eggs that are cracking open!! The students are truly enjoying this unit on Hatching Chickens!!

Written by Tricia Kelly, PS255 at PS151

To support the teachers of PS255 on Donors Choose, select any of the following below:

Donors Choose for our PS255 at PS7 Unit
Donors Choose for our PS255 at PS151 Unit
Donors Choose for our PS255 at PS128 Unit
Donors Choose for our PS255 at PS307 Unit

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