Important Message from Guidance Staff & Parent Coordinator


Please be aware that if you need help at home, or are seeking services for your child and family, you MUST have a current psychological evaluation (including Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale scores) and psychosocial evaluation performed at an outside agency.  Evaluations done at school are NOT accepted by the State as evidence of your child’s disability, when you are applying for outside supportive services.

This means that if your child is aged 4.9 through 8, you must have this testing done EVERY YEAR at an outside agency.

If your child is 9 or older, you must have this testing done every THREE YEARS.

The process for applying for supportive services to help care for your child with autism has changed.  In order to access any or all of the following services, you must keep your child’s evaluations current, according to their age outlined above:

–       Afterschool program

–       Respite

–       In-Home Behavior Modification training

–       Weekend Recreation program

–       Medicaid Service Coordinator

–       Obtaining the Medicaid Waiver to get Community Habilitation for your child (you can get help with homework, toilet training, learning to do chores, etc.  Your child will be assigned a worker who will target specific skill areas of your choice, to promote productivity and independence)

OPWDD requires that ALL families who would like any or all of the above services call the Front Door Initiative at (718) 217-6485.  You can register to receive these services ONLY if your child’s evaluations are UP-TO-DATE.  If you do NOT have a full psychological evaluation and psychosocial (from an outside agency within the time frames outlined above), you will NOT be considered eligible to apply for and receive these helpful services.

Please do not wait for a crisis to occur within your family.  We STRONGLY recommend that you keep your child’s evaluations up-to-date, so that when you need help, you will be eligible and your child/family will not have to wait, or will have a minimal wait.

The agencies on the link below perform these evaluations for FREE.

Click on this link to view the list of agencies: Agency resources

If you already have Medicaid, they will accept Medicaid as payment.  If you do NOT have Medicaid, you can arrange to have your child tested for FREE.

If you need further clarification or assistance, please call the Guidance Counselor at your child’s school (Jill Molden or Maryellen Barnes) or our Parent Coordinator, Daniry Lopez (cell ph# 347-563-4496).

We cannot stress the importance of this enough.  Just as you schedule your child’s annual physical examination with his or her pediatrician, you should schedule his or her psychological evaluation and psychosocial EVERY YEAR between the ages of 4.9 and 8.  If your child is 9 or more, you need to perform these tests every three years.  Doing so will ensure that you can access help when you need it most.

Again, we are here to help if you have any further questions or concerns.


The Guidance Staff & Parent Coordinator of PS 255Q

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