An Interview With Ms. Diana

Today, October 13th, Alexandra from Ms. Amy’s class at PEC interviewed our new Assistant Principal.


Alexa wants to share what she learned.

  1. What is your name? Diana Rocklin
  2. Where did you grow up? Chicago
  3. What is your favorite thing to do? Cook
  4. What is your favorite food? Dumplings (Ms. Diana wasn’t sure so Alexa suggested dumplings as an answer.)
  5. Who do you like to spend time with? My husband
  6. What do you do really well? Paint
  7. What makes you laugh? My friends
  8. What is the best time of the day? After coffee
  9. What are you afraid of? Cockroaches
  10. Who is your best friend? Jeremy (My husband)
  11. Where do you like to go? The Beach (Alexa loves the beach too.)
  12. What do you love to learn about? History
  13. What is your favorite book? The Air We Breathe
  14. If you had one wish, what would it be? World Peace.

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