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Interview with Mr. Marowitz

The X12 P255Q Newsletter is a weekly project by our 8:1:1 class at the PS 154 Site. This week, the students interviewed Mr. Richard Marowitz, our retired Principal. Check it out below!

8:1:1 Class X12 interviews Mr. Marowitz
P255Q @ PS 154, class X12 with Mr. Marowitz

The Dinosaur Stomp

Ms Victoria’s class from 397 excelled in the District 75 Dance Festival on March . Everybody who attended had a fantastic day. Check out their awesome routine!

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P255Q @ PS 7 Attends the 3rd Annual District 75 Social Studies Fair

PS7 Class X01 created and presented their project entitled “The City that Never Sleeps” during the 3rd Annual District 75 Social Studies Fair held at the New York Historical Society. The project was led by the collaboration between Ms. Arminda Crisostomo and Ms. Calianne Botsaris with the help of Ms. Tiffany Bejarano and Ms. Frimy Parola. The students were accompanied by Ms. Mary Ellen Barnes and Ms. Yubis Lopez.

In this project, the students learned how NYC evolved over time by comparing and contrasting images of past and present New York City. They also made dioramas to highlight the differences between NYC Then and Now. Students researched information about the buildings and constructed a time line to show the order in which the buildings were built. They also used circuits to light up the Empire State Building. Students used bubble maps, double bubble maps, flow maps and bridge maps to organize the information they had learned about New York City.


As students made their way to the other schools’ exhibits around the five boroughs of New York City using their passports, they explored and learned different Social Studies topics. It was truly a fun and engaging day filled with knowledge and hands-on learning!