About Our School

Welcome To P255Q!

P255Q is a District 75 school that educates students with Autism ages 4.9-17. Our school is located in 8 different sites throughout Queens. The main office is located in Parson’s Educational Complex (formerly J.H.S. 168Q). All of our sites are located in community schools affording many opportunities for integration with general education student/programs. Each site has full time speech teachers that work together with classroom staff in order to provide a consistent and enriched environment for our students.

Diana Rocklin, Gregg Lopez, Michael D'Angelo, Erica Hanson - all smiling

Gregg Lopez

Assistant Principals
Michael DiAngelo
Erica Hanson
Diana Rocklin
School Based Coach
 Vernice Borleo
Parent Coordinator

Nora Eckert

PTA Board members

President: Elizabeth Durand
Co-President: Emily Taylor
Treasurer: Sue Athanasakis
Secretary: Tonya Gittens

At P255Q,  our primary goal is to have our students achieve their maximum independence. All aspects of our program focus on student achievement towards independence in the areas of:

  • Community Living
  • Communication
  • Self Management Skills
  • Vocational Skills

In addition, teaching appropriate behaviors and social skills through positive strategies and all academic areas (specifically literacy) are emphasized. We believe a successful school consists of a collaboration between school, home and community. Parents are an integral part of our organization. School is a reflective learning environment in which we need to continually evaluate the teaching process and its impact on student outcomes. A structured educational environment is essential for our students to learn and practice their skills. P255Q also utilizes the surrounding community as a classroom for our students. All students participate in a community program as part of the school curriculum. Our junior high and high school students are given a job site “experience” as part of their education. Staff development is a priority for our school and is supported by our Parent’s Association and the UFT. The teaching staff (and parents) have received training in “best practices” for students with autism at each unit. In this way, we can meet the needs of our students and their families. The approaches to learning include but are not limited to the following:

  • Inclusive Education
  • The TEACCH Method (The Treatment and Education of Autistic and other related Communication Handicapped Children)
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Positive Strategies For Challenging Behaviors
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

P255Q has adapted The Syracuse Community Referenced Curriculum Guide for our middle and high school age students.  Our teaching staff in the elementary schools use a variety of assessments including the Assessment for Basic Language and Learning Skills and the Brigance. working towards achieving the “standards” with appropriate adaptations. In addition our teaching staff also uses a variety of other assessments including the Brigance to provide our students with appropriate goals and objectives. The P255Q philosophy supports parent participation in their child’s education. Our Family Network Grant (supported by OMRDD) provides ongoing parent training and support groups for siblings and parents. The topics of these workshops are generated by a needs assessment. The collaboration between teachers, parents, supervisors and the community help our students receive the best education possible and meet our goal of maximum independence for our kids. Special Services

  • A parent-support group is facilitated by the school guidance counselor. Afternoon and evening groups are available.
  • Two full time guidance counselors also provide outreach and disseminate information to families.
  • A sibling support group is also available (evenings only) for the brothers and sisters of our students.
  • A school newsletter is published every other month, providing information and articles for parents.
  • Transition services and information are available to parents through school personnel.
  • P255Q has developed an ongoing collaboration relationship with the BIRCH school in order to provide our staff with TEACCH training. Many of our students transition from the BIRCH preschool.
  • A full time parent coordinator is available to support and assist our families.

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