Autism Awareness Day!

Our units were a sea of blue for Autism Awareness. Here are our Middle School staff setting up for Autism Awareness Day for the best students in NYC!

Check out how the other sites are celebrating Autism Awareness:


Our walk outside was changed to the Big Gym………….  Students and staff all wore BLUE and walked around the gym. We also had fun dancing,while students held their blue light bulbs to “Shine a Light on Autism” before returning to their classrooms.IMG_3512

Students and staff filled the main staircase at 307. They were unable to go out on their walk, so they increased awareness inside!


Ms. Jenny’s class were all dressed in blue for Autism Awareness at the 154 unit:


Events at 255Q: A Special Throwback Thursday Recap!

Many times, our various units are so busy with all the wonderful things going on that we don’t get a chance to share them here. Today is your lucky day!

About the Senses Fair:

On February 24, 2016 P255@154 hosted a science fair. The activities highlighted the theme this month which included the five senses and matter. Students were able to participate in many activities provided by the staff. They worked on hearing, touching, smelling, seeing and tasting. Students enjoyed all the activities and appeared to be engaged during the fair especially making smoothies and ice cream.

  • Submitted by Debbie Kaye (P255Q at PS154)

 About the Inclusive Summit

The Inclusion students from the Renaissance Charter School and 154 sites had the awesome opportunity to attend the Inclusive Summit at the end of 2015. Overlooking Manhattan at the top of Baruch College, they listened to other inclusive schools present on various strategies for anti-bullying, peace making, including everyone, and more. Then they were able to present their own project. Renaissance presented about the benefits of their Social Skills Club as well as our new Video Feedback activity. During video feedback, students are recorded interacting with others and then get to analyze their own interactions. The group helps point out things that are working well and suggest some strategies to help improve interactions with others for next time. 154 students presented their Anti-Bullying project, which was a school wide project that helped to start the school year off BULLY FREE! Students wrote poetry, informative articles, and research projects about bullying as well as created powerful artwork for the hallways at 154 to help spread the message about being part of a bully free school! We even got to see some of our old friends that are now in middle school inclusion programs! The students took their presentations very seriously and did an amazing job with it! They can’t wait to go back next year to continue to support Inclusive Education.

  • Submitted by Kate Meier (P255Q at Renaissance Charter School ) & Kerry Golden (P255Q at PS154)

Check out the celebrations at our Middle School site, PEC:

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.41.08 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.41.23 AM