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Election Day Paraprofessional Training

On Tuesday, November 6, paraprofessional staff from each site gathered at PS 154 for a half-day of training. The day began with a Back to Basics PowerPoint by Coach Vernice Borleo and 397 Coordinator Katie McLaughlin. Speech Teachers, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists from each site created presentations to refresh the staff on best practices from their respective disciplines as well. Throughout the AM sessions, the paraprofessionals were engaged, entertained, and rewarded for their participation!

P255Q @ PS 128
P255Q @ PS 7
P255Q @ PS 307
P 255Q @ PS 154
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Celebrating Mother’s Day at P255Q

This week we had a Mother’s Day themed Support Group.  One of our own P255Q@P397 paras, Celeste Astudillo,  came by and taught our parents how to make colorful paper flowers. Parents enjoyed an opportunity to talk and share their stories while making beautiful flowers. Thank you Celeste!