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Sixth Annual Inclusive Education Summit

On December 2 the 3rd and 5th grade inclusion students at PS154 went to the Sixth Annual Inclusive Education Summit at the CUNY Graduate Center. Students demonstrated how they are “Champions of Inclusion” by sharing their accomplishments and hard work in their studies and academics. Students engaged in dialogue about inclusive education in their schools. They shared their projects with other inclusive education communities within New York City. Students presented with confidence and demonstrated great public speaking skills.

Each student was assigned a realistic fiction book about a person or people with a specific disability. Students were asked to read the book and create a Thinking Map Book Report. Students were then given a specific thinking map to complete on chart paper to show understanding of the text and how people with disabilities can be included in the everyday world.

Students did a fantastic job and had a lot of fun! It was a great experience for everyone. We are looking forward to next years Inclusive Education Summit!

-Submitted by Kerry Golden, Inclusion Teacher, P255Q at PS154

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Thankful Tuesday: November activities at P255@154

November was a busy month at the 154 unit!

In the spirit of P255’s UNIQUE theme “School Leaders” for September and October as well as Election Day, all the students at 154 collaborated to vote on their favorite school subject. This Election Day event was held on Wednesday, November 4. Staff created modified ballots and our very own voting booth!

Later in the month we celebrated our student of the month awardees with a special visit from our very own school leader, Principal Richard Marowitz. Check out the photos of all the activities below.

PS255 at PS154

Health Fair at 255!

On Feb. 26,2015 P255@154 hosted a Health Fair. It was the culminating activity of the health and fitness theme that we had been working on the last two months. One class created social story using the Smartboard. One class took the students’ blood pressure, others created displays based on the theme. Homework was provided. Students exercised in the gym using Activity Works DVD. Students were provided with a healthy snack when they left.

Students were engaged during the fair and it was very successful!

– Submitted by Debbie Kaye (PS255 at 154)

PS255 at PS154

Do You Like To Walk?

Do you like to walk? Ms. Jenny Kim’s class from PS 255 @ 154Q does! Her students engaged in a multidisciplinary curriculum on walking. Over the course of 2 weeks, they tracked their walking habits with pedometers, learned about walking safety and learned how walking was beneficial for their health and for their environment.

As a culminating project, the students created a PSA encouraging you to get up and walk. This PSA was submitted to a competition via the NYC Department of Transportation and won 3rd place out of 30 submissions!

Students of Ms. Jenny Kim’s class of P.S 255 @154Q like to walk and invite you to walk with them too. Please enjoy below:

We Like To Walk

PS255 at PS154

PS255 at PS154 Weather Election Event!

In the spirit of PS255’s new UNIQUE theme “WEATHER” for November and December as well as the recent Election Day, all the classes at 154 collaborated to create different activities to support the curriculum. This special weather/election day event was held on Thursday, November 6. Staff created modified ballots and our very own voting booth!

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Pinwheels for Peace

255 @154 has already successfully completed our first joint project with the general education school for the 2013-2014 school year. On September 20 pinwheels made by our students along with pinwheels made by the students of P154 were displayed outside our building. The pinwheels symbolize our combined efforts for peace and harmony. Our “pinwheels for peace” event was enjoyed by the student body and the community. We will keep you posted for our next big project!!