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Election Day Paraprofessional Training

On Tuesday, November 6, paraprofessional staff from each site gathered at PS 154 for a half-day of training. The day began with a Back to Basics PowerPoint by Coach Vernice Borleo and 397 Coordinator Katie McLaughlin. Speech Teachers, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists from each site created presentations to refresh the staff on best practices from their respective disciplines as well. Throughout the AM sessions, the paraprofessionals were engaged, entertained, and rewarded for their participation!

P255Q @ PS 128
P255Q @ PS 7
P255Q @ PS 307
P 255Q @ PS 154
PS255 at PS154, School-wide Events

Halloween Hijinks at 154!

Halloween is always a great time at P255q @ PS 154! Take a look at some of our highlights…

Students get to go Trick-or Treating throughout the unit!

The Speech Department dressed as Core Language!

We’re looking forward to next year. Thanksgiving, here we come!

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Halloween Movie Night at PS 7

Halloween Movie Night was a great success. We had over 70 family members attend. It was a great opportunity for our families to not have any concern of ridicule or complaints by those around them. We had a few kids dancing in the aisle, walking up and down the aisle and a few who made use of the gym for some respite. The kids clapped at the end of the movie and I was truly proud of how many of them were able to handle the evening in their own way. I’m truly encouraged to do it again in the spring!

Thank you to my helpers Dorothy, Lauren and Yubis. A special thanks to Nurse Noreen and Cris from who helped me with technology and setting up. Another special thanks to Liz and Jon Durand who helped me throughout the night(Jon was key to getting the movie not be green!!).

School-wide Events

Summer Fun at P 255Q!

Summer school at P255Q is both educational and a lot of fun! This year, each unit created their own special events to commemorate the completion of another action-packed summer. Thank you to all the staff that worked so hard to provide our students with these experiences. You may have heard this before but it never gets old – You are the BEST STAFF IN NEW YORK CITY!

Principled Principals!
You never know who you will run into during Chapter 683!
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Autism Awareness Family Fun Night last Friday was a huge success at P255Q!

It was a great night for everyone at P255Q!

Our students, families, staff, and friends  had a great time!

There was dancing upstairs in the big gym. Downstairs was arts and crafts, tattoos, and face painting. There was staff from all our sites!    The night ended with a magic show, cotton candy, cake, and ice cream- as well as all the great prizes donated by our amazing friends and PTA!

It was a great night to LIGHT IT UP BLUE!

School-wide Events

PTA Meeting – Oct 13th, 2016


P.S. 255Q PTA 


PTA Meeting

 WHEN:               October  13, 2016

 WHERE:            P255Q@PS7

80-55 Cornish Ave, East Elmhurst NY 11377,  Auditorium

TIME:                 5:30 PM

Dear Families,

The PTA Board is excited to invite you to our first meeting for the school year! This is a great opportunity to come and meet the Executive Board Members, Principal, Staff, Parent Coordinator and other parents. 

We are also thrilled to invite you to the mini resource fair being held after the PTA meeting. This is an excellent occasion for you to obtain information on Medicaid coordination, resources and services. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn valuable information.

 Please come and support the PTA and our school. Parent involvement is a crucial part of a successful school year!

 We will be providing Respite, coffee and snacks.

School-wide Events

Valentine’s Day Dance Recap


From the Principal:

On Friday, February 26, 2016 The PTA sponsored our first student “Valentine’s Day” dance. The were 200 people including students, parents, family members and 30 of our staff members.

A DJ was hired  to play music in the gym for our children. The faces of the students were priceless as they danced the night away.

The parents and staff also had  great time right alongside the kids .

I would like to thank Nora (PTA president) as well as her team (Helen, Erica, Emily) for all their hard work and creative ideas that made this night so special. I would also like to thank our staff.

Many of our staff  helped the parents set up and clean up after the event and had a great time dancing and taking pictures (see our picture!) in the photo booth also run by a parent. Thank you Midas!

The next big event is Family Fun Night on April 14, DON’T MISS IT!!!!

School-wide Events

First PTA Meeting 2015 – 2016 School Year



 When: October 8, 2016 6-8pm

WHERE: PEC (JHS168) 158-40 76th Road, Flushing, NY

                   3rd Floor- Room 329

 The PTA meeting is a great opportunity to meet the Executive Board Members, other parents, the administration, teachers and our coordinators. During this meeting, our Assistant Principals will be speaking about the assessments utilized to evaluate our children and each coordinator will be speaking about their unit. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions.

It is vital to the success of a school to have parent involvement.

We know it is far to travel for some of you, but it is important to attend meetings when your schedule allows. Respite care will be available and we will serve pizza for all!

Check out more information from the PTA by clicking here.