Bus Strike Update: Coverage of Trip Costs

Parents: The NYC Department of Education is now offering coverage of return trip costs (from school in the morning and to school in the afternoon) for parents who demonstrate extenuating circumstances such as financial hardship or transportation difficulty. Coverage of return trip costs can apply to either mileage (for parents driving a child to school) or car servicesContinue reading “Bus Strike Update: Coverage of Trip Costs”

Bus Strike Update and Reimbursement Information

The DOE wants to assist any parent that is having trouble getting their child to school. Please look on our web site for helpful activities to do at home. In addition, our teachers and speech teachers are available to assist you with activities so please call the school if you need more work sent home.Continue reading “Bus Strike Update and Reimbursement Information”

Tips for Helping Your Child Through Traumatic Events

Tips for Helping Your Child Through Traumatic Events Thanks to the PS255 Counseling Department for these helpful tips! There are no “right” or “wrong” ways to talk with children about such traumatic events. However, here are some suggestions that may be helpful: Don’t let children watch too much news coverage with frightening images. The repetitionContinue reading “Tips for Helping Your Child Through Traumatic Events”