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October 20, 2016
Dear Parents,
By now, you should have received the first catalog fundraiser catalog. The
date of the sale has been extended until October 31st. The catalogs were
recently distributed and we want to make sure that our families have enough
time to sell and make purchases.
This is one of our yearly fundraisers to help raise money for our school. The
catalog inside is filled with different items like candles, wrapping paper and
chocolate! For each item that you buy, the school receives up to 50% of the
cost. Buying one item for $20 will generate $10 for our school! If each
family in all of our sites were to purchase one $20 item, our sale can raise
over $4,000 for P255Q!
Last year the PTA was able to donate almost $8,000 to the school. We used
the funds to create Cultural Night, Valentine’s Day Dance and Family Fun
Night. We also donated funds for TEACHH trainings, various family
programs and The End of Year Festival.
Please help our school by participating in fundraising. Every purchase can
make a difference. We appreciate any contribution!
Thank you!
Nora Eckert

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