P255 @ J.H. 168 (Parsons Ed. Complex)

P255 @ J.H. 168 (Parsons Ed. Complex)
158-40 76th Rd. Flushing,
NY 11366
718 591-8429
Site Coordinator: Eileen Abrams

P255 @ J.H. 168/Parsons Educational Complex is located in Flushing, NY. Our middle school-aged classrooms include, four 8:1:1 and nine 6:1:1 classes at Parsons Educational Complex. This site also offers the following cluster classes: Adapted Physical Education,  Music, Literacy, and Vocational Education. Teachers utilize the following educational programs: Equals, Unique Learning System, SMiLe, Edmark Reading Program as well as Attainment Math. Our assessments include SANDI, SANDI/FAST, Fountas and Pinnell, Social Skills Checklist,  New York State Alternate Assessment.

Population:  Autism

Number of Classes:  13 

Cluster Classes:  4


Wednesday is the day for fun in clubs!!!

  • Can you pass the glue?
    Arts & Crafts Club allows for students to explore their creative side through the arts. Using their fine motor skills, students construct a variety of arts and crafts projects based on the current season and/or holiday.
  • Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty!!!
    Our new sensory club allows for our students to dig in and get their hands dirty. Having fun with kinetic sand, playdoh, finger paints and much, much, more.
  • Got Technology???
    Smart Board Club allows students who enjoy technology to manipulate the Smart Board and work collectively to complete activities on a variety of topics. So many of our students are motivated to use the Smart Board that this year we will have two, yes, two Smart Board Clubs.
  • Let’s Dance!!!
    Dance Club allows students to express themselves through dance. They learn different choreography to some of the most popular music of today with the help of visual cues.
  • Girls just wanna have fun!!!
    This is the club that started it all!!! Girls Club allows the girls in our school to get together and do things they enjoy. Whether it be looking at magazines or playing a game. The girls determine for themselves what they would like to do.
  • Meet me on the court!!!
    What better way to spend your free time than exercising? Sports club allows just that. The students have the opportunity to play team sports such as, basketball and volleyball.
  • Your turn!!!
    Board Game Club allows students to play a board game with a friend or group of friends. They practice following directions, taking turns and good sportsmanship.
  • Sing your heart out!!!
    In the Singing Club students have the opportunity to feed their need to perform by learning a song to perform.
  • Play me a tune!!!
    The Music Club gives time for our students to explore musical instruments as well as learn to play a song to perform.
  • Walk with me!!!
    During the Walking Club students have the opportunity to walk about the 3rd floor while on a scavenger hunt. Meanwhile, they are counting their steps to see how far they can walk.


Club Descriptions
Provided by Amy Goldstein

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