P255Q educates children with Autism. Our school motto is “Home, School and Community”. In order to enrich the education of our children and help them become independent productive members of society, we teach them in P255Q classrooms as well as use the community as a classroom.
Parenthetically, it is essential for our student’s education that we work collaboratively with our parents. Our teaching staff is dedicated and consistently reaches out to our families to help them at home. If we teach a child to communicate at school, we want our families to be able to utilize the same techniques so each child has a “voice” at home and at school.
Our school and PTA work cooperatively to help parents obtain needed services at home when necessary and have fun events at school where our kids can be themselves in a safe and fun environment.

Student Spotlight

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Anna M. is a 5th grade inclusion student at P255 @ PS154. Anna was nominated to be student of the month. Anna was chosen for her active participation in the school community. Anna’s inclusion and active role in the general education community represents the unity and collaboration between P255 and PS154. Anna attended and participated in the Inclusive Education Summit this year. She also made the cheerleading squad at PS154.  Anna recently tried out for the Scenery Club for the PS154 school plays. Next month Anna will be attending and participating in the District 75 First Annual Social Studies Fair.  Anna now has a large repertoire of friends in both school communities. Anna has developed the confidence and independence to voice her desire to play active roles in the school communities. Anna has made amazing successes over the years at P255!

Submitted By: Kerry Golden, Inclusion Teacher @154

If you have a student or staff member at your unit that you would like to be featured on our school website, send an email to ehbarenio@p255q.org

Sixth Annual Inclusive Education Summit

On December 2 the 3rd and 5th grade inclusion students at PS154 went to the Sixth Annual Inclusive Education Summit at the CUNY Graduate Center. Students demonstrated how they are “Champions of Inclusion” by sharing their accomplishments and hard work in their studies and academics. Students engaged in dialogue about inclusive education in their schools. They shared their projects with other inclusive education communities within New York City. Students presented with confidence and demonstrated great public speaking skills.

Each student was assigned a realistic fiction book about a person or people with a specific disability. Students were asked to read the book and create a Thinking Map Book Report. Students were then given a specific thinking map to complete on chart paper to show understanding of the text and how people with disabilities can be included in the everyday world.

Students did a fantastic job and had a lot of fun! It was a great experience for everyone. We are looking forward to next years Inclusive Education Summit!

-Submitted by Kerry Golden, Inclusion Teacher, P255Q at PS154